Behind the scenes?
“What the Say It (To My
Face) music video shoot
was really like!
Hey! Edith, Ada, & Téa here. “Say It (To My Face)” is one of our most iconic music videos to date. The shoot was so fun and the energy on set was amazing. We’d love to tell you all about it! Check below to see some amazing never seen before behind-the-scenes photos.
We started the day at a painful 8am… We filmed in the beautiful California! Not only is that so awesome, but something that is more awesome is the fact that we filmed this video in two different locations. The first location was an art studio, for all of the green screen shots! Aka: the shots in the video where we are all dancing around in front of the cool crazy moving designs and shapes.
The second location was a beautiful family home. It blows our mind that there are some moms & dads out there that rent their homes out to artists that need a space to film, thrive, & create.
In the backyard of this home was where we built the infamous trolls dirty basement. Prior to our arrival after shooting at the first location, our wonderful crew had already been to the second location, working on designing the trolls home. Making it dirty, throwing trash and seemingly dirty clothes everywhere, etc were all part of that process.
A question we always get is “Omg was the guy who played the troll nice?” A simple answer to that is YES! And this may be to your surprise, but he couldn’t have been more opposite of the character he was playing. The four of us talked and laughed together while filming.
We wrapped the final shot around 10pm. This long day felt short because of how much fun we were having!
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